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Insulated Roof Panel

insulated roof panel roof panel foam roof panel
roof panel foam roof panel sandwich roof panel

Roof panel, foam roof panel, and torque and groove roof panels are perfect for commercial or residential construction jobs. 

J-Deck is the most affordable and reliable roof panel manufacturer around. 

Whether you are roofing a brand new site or re-roofing existing projects, our SIP panels can help make your job easier and more affordable.

Our insulated roof panels are an energy efficient, dimensionally stable, modular building product. 

They are manufactured with building code approval to permit a wide range of applications on commercial and residential installations.  Our SIP foam roof panels and sandwich roof panels are the very best in the industry. 

High insulation value, good water resistance, light weight, and low cost make our versatile foam roof panels and sandwich roof panels ideal for use in a variety of roofing and re-roofing projects. 

foam roof panel sandwich roof panel sip
sandwich roof panel sip commercial

What sets our SIP apart from the competition is quality control and their guarantee against delaminating of panel surfaces. 

The laminating adhesive used in the manufacturing of all our products is for structural use where high resistance to moisture, as well as sustained loadings, are required.

Our roof SIPs are typically 4' x 8' or 4' x 10' and nominal 2 x's can be used as connecting spines. 

Skin material would usually be wafer board or plywood, and for re-roofing jobs, we manufacture a nail-base insulation. 

This roof panel consists of a wood skin on one side only so the insulation can be of any thickness you require.

sip commercial residential commercial residential insulated roof panel

Insulated roof panels from J-Deck are the very best on the market, and our sandwich roof panels and foam roof panels are the ideal addition for re-roofing jobs. 

For the best in commercial and residential SIPs, contact J-Deck Building Systems for your next commercial or residential project. 



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