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energy efficient sip panels

energy efficient sip panels

The benefits of using J-Deck building systems are numerous. We pride ourselves in being a green friendly company.

Meaning, we build using materials that are not only safe to the environment, but also recyclable.  The J-Deck building system has water resistance and a low cost.

It prevents high volumes of air leakage from the building. By cutting down on the amount of air coming into and going out of the house or commercial building, building owners can save money on heating and cooling their properties.

Thereby burning less fossil fuel and decreasing their contribution to greenhouse gasses. Our SIPs come pre-cut to the specifications of your blueprints allowing you to save time while building as well as taking less time with cleanup.

wall and roof panels
SIPs are engineered to be strong, sturdy and durable structures, making them ideal for residential as well as commercial buildings. 

This product is able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and it has been proven that houses built with our system have been able to withstand some natural disasters.

Our SIPs are strong enough to be used as load bearing roofs, floors and walls and has obtained code approval to be used as such.

Houses built with our SIPs hold down on energy consumption and has often increased in resale value as a result. J-Deck panels can be customized to fit the developer’s needs.

cost effective sip

Our custom built, pre-cut SIPs are cost effective and time saving.

They’re also stronger than building with conventional stick-frames and better insulated than using fiberglass fills.

Our SIPs reduce noise, allowing for a quieter environment than conventional frames.

Building with our products not only provides a cost effective method of construction by reducing labor time, but it also protects the environment, and helps you save money with reduced cost in energy bills.


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