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SIP Panel

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Sip construction material from our sip manufacturer can help you with building a better home. 

Our structural insulated panel will make your home plan more energy efficient and cost effective. 

From the floor to the roof and up every wall, our sip building sales team and expert contractors can improve your home like never before.

A sip panel is made of a thick piece of foam, sandwiched between two solid woodchip boards. 

Using scrap wood as a replacement for fresh timber saves countless trees, meaning that our structural insulated panels are environmentally friendly. 

And most importantly, the recycling-rich sip building method is up to 58 percent more energy efficient than traditional construction. 

Sip panels do cost slightly more than lumber, but with a noticeable reduction in energy bills, money is definitely saved in the long run when you choose sip construction for your home.

sip manufacturer sip building structural insulated panel sip building structural insulated panel plan

Sip construction is an easy process that will reduce labor costs and construction time.

A framed roof may take more than week using traditional building methods, but a sips manufacturer roof takes only about four hours. 

Each sip panel is made with a groove on all four sides. 

Sip construction from our sip manufacturer company remains very solid when completed. 

structural insulated panel plan home plan home sip panel

Sip panels, sip construction and sip building from an expert sip manufacturer, gives you structural insulated panels that will save you money.

When you plan your home design, think of the long-term benefits of having your plan include our sip building materials.

For more information on our structural insulated panels, contact us today.  We are the sip manufacturer for you!

(Sip information from "Panel Vision" by Julie Marshall, The Daily Camera, May 3, 2002)


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